Future AirPods will receive a built-in light sensor. What for?

Apple is about to integrate light sensors into its AirPods wireless headphones. This was reported by the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, citing its own sources in the industry.

Future AirPods will get a built-in light sensor

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According to sources, AirPods with built-in ambient light sensors will appear on the market in the next couple of years. The Taiwanese company ASE Technology will manufacture these sensors. For what purpose they will be installed in the headphones, it is not specified. It is believed that light sensors will replace current sensors to detect the presence of headphones in the ear. It is also possible that they will become part of the new monitoring system for the state of the user's health. For example, with their help it will be possible to determine the heart rate or the level of blood saturation with oxygen.

Future AirPods will get a built-in light sensor

Whether Apple will be able to implement the new feature without changing the design of AirPods is hard to say. Perhaps they will get a design with an ear mount, like the Powerbeats Pro, which in turn is similar to Freewava wireless headphones, which have a built-in pulse oximeter to measure heart rate and oxygen levels.

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