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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow – a pleasant surprise

We used (and rightly so, it should be noted) that games cartoons – the normal stuff. And if the “farm” – all down the drain, will play only repulsed fans, or people with a record low threshold of disgust. But in any system there are exceptions and today we have just such a case: Worlds of Tomorrow – excellent, in its own way, even ground-breaking game, despite the fact that the classic farm.

Begins Worlds of Tomorrow cheerful cartoon (judging by the name of Groening in the credits, drawn by artists of the “Futurama”) is new York somewhere carries in a parallel dimension, and with it – and even a pack of the main characters of the animated series. It remains only to fry and mad Professor – together they decide how to proceed. In addition, the former courier very upset by the lack of Leela’s one eye also fell in the mirror. To fix this, creative tandem moves.

Over the next paragraphs we will convince you that the Worlds of Tomorrow – not quite a farm, and it is. But the core of this game is classical management what you can see in millions of the same games. You build buildings, get them to pay for rent, you’ll unlock new characters (Oh, that’s a whole string of actions), a new clean region from the “cosmic fog” and solve the problem – as with all farms, it is done with the button “to fulfill the mission”.

Standard, but thanks to the setting instructions to the Bender reduced to drunken violence, and fry to a delicate idleness. Again, the structure: the game where you can build a “Center skyscrapers” can not be boring by definition. Besides, in Worlds of Tomorrow well built system, so to speak, of the passage: you are always busy, scurrying around people with exclamation marks someone left on a mission, someone just came back, got levelap and preparing for the new. Pleasant economic vanity, which would have quickly bored, if not interrupted would be… flights into space.

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Saddle rocket, fly to Mars – where Amy’s parents live, and they need to visit. Piloting takes place almost in real mode, and on the way lurk adventures: for example, can attack a tribe of evil creatures. The battle is reminiscent of very distant relative Heroes Might and Magic, which just started kindergarten. You stand in front of the enemy shooting (you need time to press the special circle to get more powerful), he shoots. When filled with a special scale of energy hitting her, and wards spend supertaco. Nothing complicated, but honestly – you often saw in “the farm” at least some kind of battle mode?

In addition, there are the real quests. Say, the way you caught the drifting ship with gold bars inside. To stay? To fly past? Pick up bars? Almost FTL – the solution, of course, will not send you to the start of the game, but great to affect the further process.

The only significant drawback Worlds of Tomorrow you probably know that. Yes, it is very hard donut. Timings draconian, and prices – like property in the center of Moscow. Given the modest financial contributions and the almost complete lack of income specialty (here is the pizza, ha ha), get ready to pay a lot, or a lot of waiting. But rather little to play for half an hour per session.

But despite these problems, the authors of Worlds of Tomorrow want to praise – did something new in the genre, where the swamp has long reigns. So if you feel even the slightest sympathy for the “Mermaid”, swing the game – nothing better on a mobile and never will be.

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