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Full of Stars – a journey through the Universe

What usually first comes to mind when it comes to free-runner? The imagination draws an unusually mediocre game, which is full of advertising, every step is paid separately, the gameplay is designed for preschoolers, and the script fits in three simple sentences. Right? Well, that stereotype exists, and it is partly justified – but only partly. Because there are other f2play-runners – today we just about this will tell.

The game begins with a little background. Future, mankind has learned to colonize planets and explore space, but did not subdue his sins – for example, the desire for self-destruction. In the end, the Universe was filled with a terrible war, and the planet “fly off” one after the other; you live in the middle of this chaos. Suddenly to you a group of strange people: they believe that somewhere out there, beyond the horizon, there is a place, not yet in war. Hire you – affects parked in the background of the vehicle – driver to take in this Paradise. The journey begins.

Full of Stars is divided into two conditional parts. Part one – about the script: it’s not just there, but also directly affect what is happening. For example, before you will put really complicated election – from the solution much depends. Sometimes the health and strength of the crew. So don’t miss the conversations, there are many interesting things; a real road movie, even though the circle of stars and asteroids.

The second part – the actual gameplay. It is as simple as a stick: the screen takes a vertical shape, you’re flying through asteroid belts, planets and other elements unexpectedly densely populated space, collecting useful things. Here’s all about reaction – you Tapao the left to the right to avoid a collision; if crashed, either from scratch, or pay a special currency. Here, in General, and all – this is the part where you are on the skin to feel how hard it is to travel between space sectors.

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Both parts are perfectly interact with each other. The script explains (and justifies) what is happening inside the ship and around, but the cat-and-mouse with asteroids give sharpness and a reminder that you got involved. Between flights and thinking about the fate of the crew work on the ship. Employers just say that you rock “Junk ship”, so don’t expect to get to the other end of the Universe – along the way will have to insert new items, boosters, and other improvements. They are not for show – useful, for example, in a collision.

From Full of Stars problem in General, only one – a lot of advertising. Too many for a game that looks so cool (wonderful landscapes), sounds (music the composer wrote the third “the Witcher”) and occasionally makes a choice in the spirit of the early parts of Mass Effect. But, alas – affects specific distribution model; thank you, though do not have to pay for each flight and refill energy.

But the rest – wonderful app for all who have nowhere to put the extra time, but I want to spend it not on “collect the three crystals”, and for something more meaningful. Honestly, Full of Stars worth the download just to see how it should look like exemplary free-runner.

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