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Front panel 4-inch iPhone SE confirmed the lack of support for 3D Touch

Available network sources turned out to be “live” photos of the front panel, which allegedly belongs to a new iPhone with a display size of 4 inches. The images have been shared by the French resource Nowhereelse, which reports about the leak from contract suppliers Apple.

Judging by the published image where detail is pictured next to front panel current flagship iPhone 6s, Apple’s future device will not support 3D Touch technology. In accordance with previous reports, 4-inch iPhone-like flagship models can capture video Live Photo, however he would lack the function of determining the pressure force on the screen. As you can see in the photo, the component lacks the necessary sensors.

Any other details about the new iPhone compact source does not. Of course, confidence in the 100% reliability of photos. To check the accuracy of the information you can, waiting for the official information about it. Presentation of new 4-inch iPhone to be held March 15.

According to the latest information, the new device Apple will be called iPhone SE. The letters in his name mean the phrase “special edition” (special version), and the exclusion from the title of gadget of the digit “5” observers attribute the reluctance of companies to “connect” the device to some already released the lineup.

If these rumors are confirmed, curious to see what name Apple will choose for the successor of iPhone SE. Maybe it will be iPhone SE2? IPhone or SEs? And, maybe, The New iPhone SE? In any case, surfaced earlier drawings of the device indicates the resemblance of the new iPhone 5s.

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