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From Samsung to Xiaomi: named the 5 main candidates for “killing” the iPhone

Every year leading manufacturers of smartphones I dream to produce a brilliant model and outshine the flagship of Apple, but this mission consistently fails. Life observers believe that in the market there are five brands that have a real chance to “overshadow” the iPhone.

Now, only the iPhone makes people stand in line for three days before entering the apparatus. The daunting task of competitors is to create a truly iconic gadget, which sold millions of copies in the first weekend after release. “Murder” would be that the generally accepted “number one smartphone” will be a device of a different brand.

In 2017, the iPhone is still in another dimension compared to the pursuers. But in the future the situation may change, assured journalists.


The probability of winning: 40%

At the end of zero Koreans correctly assessed the prospects of Android, but poorly ordered with this knowledge. For some reason, the Asians considered themselves as a powerful brand like Apple. As a result, factories Samsung has released multiple smartphones that cost on the iPhone, but tragically inferior to him in speed and in convenience and design.

Roughly speaking, the Koreans woke up only after the failure of Galaxy S5 in 2014. The collapse of the flagship made local bosses to reconsider the entire policy of the company — the Galaxy S6 is possible to recognize the very worthy work on the bugs. With 2015, the threat from Samsung was for Apple real, not ephemeral.

To understand how the Asian brand threat to Cupertino, you need to conduct a basic thought experiment. Compare iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8, imagine that camera with a massive framework released by Samsung, and the flagship of the conditions created in the Apple. The reaction of users and journalists to predict very easily. The whole world would laugh at retarded Koreans and prayed for those who managed to make a “smartphone without limits”.

However, in reality the reaction of the audience is much more restrained: Apple almost never criticized, and praised Samsung extreme caution. The conclusion is: the only thing that prevents Koreans now to throw off rivals to the throne, is reputation.

As soon as people forget about the shameless copying of the iPhone (and it was — in Samsung do not hide it), explosions Galaxy Note 7 and other image failures, a top-end smartphone from Korea will Eclipse the Apple gadget. The problem is that Asians, even in the case of the Galaxy S8 managed to partially ruin the experience. The reason — a voice assistant Bixby, which debuted at 5.5 years later and Siri was spectacularly stupid.

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The probability of winning: 20%

General Director of Huawei Richard Yu, the January 2013 stated that after the death of Steve jobs, Apple does not produce anything innovative.

The head of Huawei is still living the dream to overtake Apple in sales and move into second place in the world after Samsung (now the Chinese are steadily third). In addition to this goal, Richard Yu focused on the release of the hit, the immortal gadget.

Below are three reasons why Huawei can all grow together.

1. There react very quickly to rumors from Cupertino. A classic example is a story with Force Touch: in 2015, this feature (detection of the force pressing the screen) appeared in the Huawei Mate’s before the iPhone 6s. Formally, the Chinese were the first.

2. Huawei has built a very competent pricing policy. Is the main brand under him overlook all of the most important smartphones that are much cheaper than the flagships of Apple and Samsung. In parallel, developing a sub-brand Honor — these gadgets compete on price even with devices from Xiaomi, although it would seem, so much cheaper.

The company is positioning Huawei and Honor as two different brand — the more likely that sooner or later some smartphone shot at the iPhone.

3. Huawei respects the patents and invested in marketing. The Chinese are not afraid to go to the US market (Xiaomi, there still really is not), and the role of the main star chose Lionel Messi. Now one of the best players in the world posing with smartphones Huawei not only in social networks but also in shooting for magazines for example, spring in Esquire came a photoshoot with the participation of Leo and Huawei P10 Plus.


The probability of winning: 15%

The abbreviation BBK can you nothing to say, and this is no coincidence: under the wing of this company collected three other much better known. Talking about the Chinese OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus leaders of the local market.

Experts in the smartphone from the middle Kingdom claim that the OPPO is the most promising brand of the trio. This Corporation was scattered over the China giant retail chain, and at the same time signed a contract with Leonardo DiCaprio — he was for several years actively removed in advertising of smart phones. Because of the billboards with the face of an Oscar winner, some Chinese even think that the OPPO — West brand. For example, us.

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In addition to investments in marketing OPPO prepares the most mysterious and anticipated gadget in the world. About flagship Find 9 speak for two years, but he still failed. The features list includes dual camera and super-fast charging device according to one of versions, it can charge from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes. Confirmation of this information. At least the approximate release date too.

Vivo is another brand, which is owned by BBK. The company specializiruetsya in the production of very thin and available devices (the average check is 200-250 dollars). Hardly Vivo will throw the Apple, but of the first Chinese five this company almost didn’t fall out.

But with the OnePlus it’s too sad. If before this firm existed in the format of a startup, released original and budget gadgets, in 2017, why it presented a dull clone iPhone 7 Plus, and even for 500 euros.

To summarize: from the OPPO need to wait for a killer flagship from Vivo — budget best-seller, and from OnePlus something not so similar to the iPhone. Otherwise, the process of killing the Apple greatly delayed.


The probability of winning: 10%

A paradoxical situation: Google has everything to take first place from Apple, but the company is not interested in the outcome.

In 2013, Google broke the legendary LG Nexus 5, which has sold fantastically all over the world. If you believe the conspiracy theory, in response, Samsung hinted: another such a hit, and Koreans are finally moving to Tizen. For fear of losing largest customer, Google Nexus translated to another format.

Now it is solely a fan-made gadgets that are available to learn about the latest version of Android. The company has no sales plans, no intelligent distribution, nor shocking investments in marketing. Meanwhile, all the phones (previously Nexus now — Pixel) obtained very high-quality and competitive even against the iPhone. For example, after the death of the Galaxy Note 7 foreign journalists, IT-editions with one voice proclaimed “Pixel”, the main Android device the fall of 2016.

Google received a mere ten percent chances of triumph only due to the fact that nobody knows will ripen company up to finally declare war on Apple and crush the enemy chic phones?


The probability of winning: 9%

Over the past year, Xiaomi’s sales in China fell by about 30% — this is because users have no attachment to the brand. For Asians Xiaomi — intermediate stage: people buy smartphones, the Redmi family, and then get rid of them as soon as there is money on some clothes.

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To rectify the situation and compete with Apple, Xiaomi needs to fulfill two conditions.

First — to reduce the range of low-quality public sector: these devices destroy the reputation of the brand.

The second was to study the patents, to eliminate violations and, lastly, to undergo expansion. Such plans for more than two years, but then Xiaomi India actually slipped.

In theory, the same Mi6 could compete with world leaders, but due to the thoughtless actions of the management of Xiaomi this smartphone competing with iPhone and Galaxy is that within China.

Who else could compete with the iPhone?

We cannot ignore the Nokia — the Finns came back with a nice gadget and very clever marketing. Now it all depends on the flagship Nokia 9 — if he will be as balanced as the current phones (3, 5, 6), the comeback of the legendary brand can be considered a success. The probability of winning Nokia over Apple — 3%: lost too much time.

2% should give Lenovo, which is mutated in Motorola. This is another incarnation of the brand from zero, and quite successful: at a recent presentation of Russian under the name Moto came out good gadgets at a variety of price ranges — from 5 to 35 thousand rubles. However, to win iPhone is possible only if the concept of modular smartphones will suddenly become a blockbuster. But nobody wants to stick it to the gadget column or projector is not as much as I would like Lenovo.

The Chances Of Sony — 1%. It seems the Japanese themselves are desperate to bring to market a smash hit: the company from year to year fires secondary devices. While Sony is objectively huge potential: you can port it to smartphones games with PS, you can present your own streaming service (e.g., movie), you can install the best camera on the market, but instead, the Japanese tend to generate losses, releasing expensive, but mediocre device.

Why is everyone so sad — is unclear. One chance in a hundred that Sony Mobile will change guide and new boss will bring the company to Olympus. Until this event, the company will be in chronic crisis.

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