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From new MacBook Pro no Power button. How to turn on or turn off the notebook?

Thursday Apple announced a major update to the “professional” series MacBook Pro for the first time in four years. The main novelty models, in addition to the ultra-slim enclosure, new keyboard, and display, of course, is that the touch pad called Touch Bar.

Its location Bar replaces the Touch number of functional keys F1 to F12. However, she is able to display a variety of information depending on the running application. For example, in Safari this list of favorites, open tabs and other control buttons. Due to the deep integration into the operating system and the specifics of Apple software developers, such a panel is able to provide a new format of interaction with the programs in many cases.

After meeting with the new MacBook Pro many users drew attention to the fact that the new laptop has no mechanical Escape button and Power touch strip Touch Bar took up the entire top row of keys. And, if the Escape, as we have seen, can be reassigned to other buttons, how users will enable and disable the laptop?

The answer to this question was given by Dieter Bon from The Verge. According to him, now MacBook Pro are automatically included when the user opens the lid of the computer. But if you need to turn off the laptop, press and hold a few seconds, the scanner Touch ID, located to the right on the touch panel.

It is worth noting that a large part of the last Apple presentation was devoted to the capabilities of the panel Touch Bar, as do the new element not only in the case of the MacBook Pro and for the whole notebook market as a whole.

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