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From March 1 on Mac and Windows stopped working old version of Skype

From March 1 on computers running macOS and Windows stopped working outdated version of Skype. This is stated in the official blog Microsoft. Users must upgrade messenger or else they will not be able to log in the app.

On macOS stopped working Skype with version 7.0 7.18 for Windows 7.16 and below. Download the current version of messenger on the official website Previously, Microsoft announced the end of support for Skype on older versions of iOS and Android and Windows Phone 7.

In Microsoft noted that the lack of support for older versions of Skype and obsolete versions of the operating systems macOS and Windows is that this messenger is translated from the infrastructure peer-to-peer, in which the traffic chases between users on more advanced cloud technology. This will allow the company to increase the quality of voice calls, video calls and file sharing.

The most advanced version of Skype released on Windows 10. New features are added in the first place.

As already mentioned, the only option to solve the problem for users is to download new versions of Skype. Microsoft attributed this decision to a desire to provide the highest quality of service.

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