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From 2.5 to 6 million: analysts disagree on predictions about Apple Watch sales in the third quarter

Market analysts differ on forecasts for sales of Apple Watch in the III quarter of 2015. At that time, as experts say The Braeburn Group sold 6 million “smart” hours, at Bernstein Research predict sales at 2.5 million.

Apple Watch has already created more than 11 500 applications, including Facebook Messenger, iTranslate, Transit and GoPro, and upgrading the operating system to watchOS 2 brought support faster and more functional programs. Now Apple is actively developing the sales of an electronic bracelet. However, projections of the number sold in the third quarter of the year Apple Watch among analysts differ dramatically.

The most pessimistic were reports Piper Jaffray and Bernstein Research. These companies are talking about 2.5 million sold Apple Watch in the period. According to analysts, the Apple watch lacks innovation programmes, for which users decide to purchase an expensive product. Without them, the demand for the Apple Watch does not correspond to the initially expected, despite the wide range of modifications with different cases and straps.

Specialists the Braeburn Group paints a considerably brighter picture. According to their estimates, in the third quarter 2015 Apple Watch shipments to reach 6 million copies. Experts Ecane BNP and Cowen & Co. forecast quarterly shipment of Apple smart watch is on the level 5-5,1 million. Be that as it may, the Apple Watch is the most sold wearable device on the market. The average estimate among 17 analysts surveyed Fortune – 3.95 million.

Experts agree that the growth of shipments of the Apple Watch in the final quarter of the year will increase because in this period he wrote the Christmas holidays.

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On the eve of Apple CEO Tim cook participated in the conference The Wall Street Journal, where reporters asked him about the sales of the Apple Watch even before the publication of the quarterly report, which is scheduled for next week. Cook explained that the company will not disclose data on the sales of “smart” hours, because it is “sensitive from the point of view of competition”. Thus, on a quarterly reporting conference in a week we detailed the outcomes of the sales of the Apple Watch will not hear.

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