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Frogmind have released Badland 2 for iPhone and iPad

In App Store we have released the new arcade Badland project 2 – the sequel to the upcoming action-adventure game and best game of the year by Apple. Gamers once again take on the role of the flying creatures, explore a colorful world, to face new dangers and overcome them.

Badland is a great example of how a game released first on iOS and Android, becoming available on many platforms, improved and acquired additional content. Now available on Steam, PS Store and Xbox One. Atmospheric, sometimes fun and funny, Badland 2 deserves to be on it drew attention.

In the beautiful and atmospheric platformer hero travels through the fabulous forest, filled with amazing plants and mysterious creatures. Is exactly Badland following: on the background of colorful backgrounds black-black flying furry creature trying to survive and get into the pipe that takes it to the next level. The camera in the game is constantly moving, and you need to quickly (and correctly) to figure out what to do next, otherwise the screen would just kill a hapless character.

Along the way the hero will meet various obstacles: from the falling boulders to machine guns and laser beams. Sometimes the threats and obstacles are not obvious: for example, it is difficult to understand that the new black bulge – this is the button that opens the passage, and not a decoration, and that rushing forward with a huge boulder must overtake, otherwise he’ll just block the pass. In addition towards charming black appear constantly creating small spheres, giving it certain properties: it can increase or decrease, accelerate, slow down, become sticky, or overly bouncy, finally, to multiply into a dozen clones.

In the second part, Badland received an even more high-quality graphics and exciting levels that spread in all directions. The player will have to survive in the new elements: liquids, fire, frost, magma, and water in volumetric burning light.

Badland led side scroller to a new level, creating new gameplay based on their own physics combined with mystical graphics and audio. The sequel makes the game even better adding many new features, original levels and better graphics. In 2013, Apple described the original draft as one of the best games of the year.

Download 2 Badland on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [299.]

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