Free software from APP STORE

Free software from APP STORE
Sometimes in the App Store you can find interesting free programs. But it is quite possible that soon they will start to take money for them.

Free software from APP STORE
Excellent speech recognition even with slurred diction.
Another of the features:
– Search for photos from your iPhone camera.
– Recognition of images of objects and obtaining relevant search results.
– A great way to read barcodes, identify famous landmarks, identify products, art objects, business cards, and print ads.
– New! Text translation into six languages.

Free software from APP STORE
Here, unlike Google with recognition, things are bad. But you can play around.
"Powerful, easy to use and convenient voice translator with support for a large number of languages.
Great solution for travelers, learning languages, etc. "

Free software from APP STORE
Directory of car license plate numbers in Russia.

Free software from APP STORE
This application depicts pictures that you must remember for ten seconds. Then the images will be hidden. These images are being asked questions. Approximate question: "which image was just shown?" If you specify the correct image, you get a point. In total, you can earn 7 points.

Free software from APP STORE
Another attempt to squeeze improved quality out of the iPhone camera.
"Ability to separately adjust white balance and metering point
– Large and shallow depth of field and background defocusing
– White balance adjustment
– Crystal Zoom Technology © Advanced post-image processing delivers excellent quality photos even at 7.0x magnification.
– Video recording of low, medium, high quality, as well as 480p and 720p quality
– Shows the average and maximum volume in video mode
– Modes of automatic and manual mirroring
– Flip and rotate frames and videos manually
– Video recording with preset quality settings: low, medium, high, 480p and 720p. "

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