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Free office LibreOffice is available for download in the Mac App Store

In app store the Mac App Store got a free office Suite LibreOffice. Mac users are available in two versions: free for private use and pay for companies. Experts consider it a historic event.

Popular free office Suite LibreOffice appeared in the official app catalog Apple computers. According to observers, this is an event of historic proportions. Previously, this software can only be downloaded from the website The presence of it in the Mac App Store simplifies the installation process and provides automatic updates.

LibreOffice is available in two versions. The first free version of LibreOffice includes Vanilla text editor Writer, editor, Calc spreadsheets, a tool for creating presentations with Impress, Draw images, Math formulas and databases Base. The second option LibreOffice-from-Collabora – paid, the cost is 599 rubles. In addition to the applications it contains three years of prepaid maintenance.

In addition, options are another difference. If LibreOffice is based on Vanilla Fresh version of LibreOffice, that is on the latest version, LibreOffice-from-Collabora — on version Still (Stable), i.e. more reliable, containing additional fixes, but at the same time older.

LibreOffice — office Suite is open source, announced in 2010 by former OpenOffice developers. Is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. As a basic format for file storage uses the OpenDocument Format, representing altenrative Office Open XML used by Microsoft. Despite this, LibreOffice fully supports opening and saving documents in Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc).

Download LibreOffice Vanilla at this link, LibreOffice-from-Collabora – here.

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