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Fraudsters use phishing iCloud in order to access a stolen iPhone

Stolen iPhone or other iOS device, fraudsters use phishing methods to gain full access to the gadget. This was reported in the blog of Trend Micro team working in mobile security.

Trend Micro has published a report which analyzed theft of mobile Apple devices. In the vast majority of cases the abduction of a smartphone was accompanied by online fraud. Having stolen iOS device, the criminals sent an SMS or email, supposedly on behalf of Apple that the gadget was found and the owner needs to go to the link.

By clicking on the link, user data compromised his iCloud account, and the scammers have full access to the gadget. To lead victims astray, criminals use MagicApp, Applekit and Find My iPhone.

The stolen device was resold in gray markets. For example, in 2016 only in Miami international airport was stolen about 23 000 iPhone, revenue for the illegal sale which is estimated at $ 6.7 million.

Team Trend Micro reminds about safety rules and advises:

  • not to click on suspicious links and not to enter personal data;
  • noticing the theft of the phone, to wait a while to make sure that you really addressed Apple employees;
  • to use advanced methods of protection — to set up Touch ID or Face ID and password, enable two-factor authentication iCloud, enable automatic lock in Find My iPhone;
  • create regular backups in order not to lose together with the device and important information;
  • to report the missing phone to the police;
  • buying phone with hand, to check whether listed IMEI iPhone blacklist on the website of the Association of the cellular telecommunications industry.
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