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Fraudsters have invented a new way of cheating users of iOS devices

ESET warned iPhone and iPad users about a new Scam. Criminals send out emails about a non-existent purchase in iTunes and collect credit card data and other personal information.

The potential victim gets a letter from a person online store which says that the Apple ID used on the unknown device to buy Rihanna’s album. The user is encouraged to ignore the message, thus confirming the purchase or to cancel the transaction by clicking on the link.

The user is often oblivious to the grammatical errors in the letter and the fact that the sender address has nothing to do with Apple, believes the Scam and goes to the phishing site. There he is prompted to enter Apple ID and password and fill out a form “to verify your identity” (name, phone, mailing address, date of birth, credit card data).

After entering data on the page appears a message saying that the account has been successfully tested. Then user is directed to the main page present the iTunes Store and his personal information are a Scam.

Experts recommend that you ignore spam and use comprehensive anti-virus products with the functions of anti-spam and anti-phishing.

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