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Foxconn managed to enlist the support of Apple bidding for chip production to Toshiba

Apple and Dell will enter into a consortium led by the company Foxconn, to bid for the semiconductor business of Motorola. About it reports Reuters with reference to the head of Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn.

Foxconn is also negotiating with Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Amazon regarding their participation, and the agreement with Amazon is almost reached. The final bid plans to make the concern known as unknown and the amount is agreed to provide the iPhone maker.

The main obstacle to buying semiconductors from Toshiba is the stand of the Japanese authorities. Under Japanese law all transactions related to the transfer of foreign corporations important Japanese technologies, are blocked by the government. In order to achieve resolution of Tokyo on the purchase of production of chips from Toshiba Foxconn of Taiwan were connected to the talks of your partner — Japanese Sharp.

Toshiba — the world’s largest manufacturer of components for electronic devices. The company suffered considerable losses after the bankruptcy of its U.S. unit Westinghouse. Now Toshiba is looking for new sources of funding and interested in making a deal with Apple, Amazon and Foxconn.

According to experts, Foxconn did not classify among the most likely winners of the auction due to close ties with China, where the company produces a significant portion of its products. Concerned about the possible transfer of the PRC high technology, the Japanese government reserves the right to intervene in the deal for reasons of national security in the case of purchase of the semiconductor business of Toshiba by Foxconn.

Foxconn competes with Toshiba in chip production, however the Taiwanese company on product quality is inferior to Japanese.

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