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Foxconn due to the record sales of the iPhone 7 has significantly increased its net profit

The largest contract electronics manufacturer and a main partner of Apple in assembling iPhone and iPad, Foxconn, has reported a 30 percent rise in net profit in October-December 2016. Thus, the company dispelled the concern of some experts forecast a decline in sales of “Apple” devices.

Foxconn announced the “unexpected” growth in quarterly profit after the festive period, Apple sold a record number of smartphones. The company’s net profit in the final quarter of the year amounted to 68,77 billion Taiwan dollars ($2.26 billion) against 52,93 billion Taiwan dollars a year earlier.

Analysts believe that the growth indicators contributed to the Apple’s production of large-size versions of the iPhone 7 Plus for the Assembly of Foxconn which is responsible. It should be noted that market experts polled by news Agency Reuters, has greatly miscalculated in the estimates — they expected income within 48,78 billion Taiwan dollars. When compared with the same period in for 34.64 billion Taiwan dollars, which was registered in the third quarter of 2016, the net profit of the company jumped twice.

For all of 2016, income Foxconn amounted to 148.7 bn Taiwan dollars ($4.9 billion). This is 1.2% more than in 2015 provided by the Taiwan stock exchange.

Analysts predict a successful 2017 for Foxconn, noting that further growth will contribute to the previously acquired assets of Fujitsu and the output of the next-generation iPhone.

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