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Found the solution to the main problem AirPods

Last year Apple introduced a brand AirPods wireless headphones. The device is made in the premium design and comes with a charging case.

In addition to excellent ergonomics and a transparent connection to the iPhone using the Apple headset is associated with a number of disadvantages which resulted in the waiver wire — AirPods are deprived of the usual controls. Instead of buttons for rewind and pause, users are encouraged to use the commands voice assistant Siri, which you can invoke by double-clicking the earpiece. However, this option is not all happy. In noisy conditions, for example on the street you have to get out of his pocket iPhone.

Empower management AirPods you can use the free tweak Siliqua. It is available in the BigBoss repo in the online Cydia store. Of course, it does not add buttons or other controls, but will extend the functionality of wireless headphones due to the new commands and gestures.

After you install the tweak to your device by jailbreaking, you can enable support for different actions: pause/play, skip track, rewind, increase/decrease the volume.

In the settings Siliqua can find 8 teams:

  • Play/pause.
  • Miss.
  • To go back.
  • Forward 15 seconds.
  • Ago 15 seconds.
  • Turn up the volume.
  • To lower the volume.
  • To Call Siri.

For these features to double or quadruple tapping of the earpiece.

IPhone jailbreak will appreciate the opportunity Siliqua.

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