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Found a way to hack any game on iPhone and iPad with iOS 9 without jailbreak

With the release of iOS 9, many users refused to jailbreak, and some can’t afford it because of the exploit yet. Resource iOSgods found a way to bypass limits in games on iPhone and iPad without hacking devices. We are talking about in-game purchases that unlock new features in games that allow you to obtain new characters, crystals, coins and other virtual items.

Almost all apps and games in iOS are kept at their settings in the plist format. Before the release of iOS 8.3 bypass limits in games was to connect iPhone and iPad to your computer, run iFunBox, iTools and other applications, and the adjusted copying the save file in the game folder. In iOS 9 this is not possible, however, users have found a new way.

How to hack the game on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak:

Step 1: Install iBackupBot and iTunes on the computer and close all applications on the iPhone and iPad.

Step 2: connect iOS device to computer via USB, open iTunes and perform a data backup on PC (not iCloud). Pre-game you want to hack, at least once a year to be running on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 3: Find Network-ready save for the game in the plist format (see below).

Step 4: Open iBackupBot and wait until it completes reading data from the backup.

Step 5: In the sidebar, select the latest version of the backup you made in step 2.

Step 6: Locate the folder User App Files, then in the appeared list find the app or game you want to hack.

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Step 7: Save games are stored in the folder Library/Preferences. Going into the desired directory, click the button Import and then select the plist file that you downloaded in step 3.

Step 8: the Program will warn that the file will be overwritten. Press Yes.

Step 9: After overwriting a file saving window appears with the message “1 files imported to backup”. Click OK.

Step 10: Select the added file in iBackupBot, and click on the top Restore.

Step 11: In the recovery window, click OK. After completion your device will reboot. It usually takes 1-2 minutes. If there is an error -37, unlock the gadget and turn it off Find my iPhone in iCloud settings.

Step 12: After restarting the program, open the game on iPhone and iPad with a new save.

Hacked save with in-game purchases posted on the forums in the Network. But if you want you can do without search ready plis files, edit own files in the games. You need to upload the save from the backup and open it with a text editor.

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