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Found a way to bypass activation lock on iPhone and iPad [video]

An expert in the field of information security Human Joseph found a way to bypass the function activation lock Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad. This technology works on mobile Apple devices and locks lost or stolen gadgets.

The method is demonstrated by the hacker in the video is associated with the vulnerability of the initial screen iPhone settings. After a reset the operating system, users are encouraged to configure the device as a new device – choose region, language system, etc. the OS Also offers to connect to wifi for activation. At this stage, Joseph selects the “new Wi-Fi network” and fill the field “Name”, “user Name” and “Password”. In each field, Joseph introduces a great number of characters by copying and pasting.

Then closes iPad Smart cover and turns vertically. Once the cover is revealed once again, the password entry screen should be in portrait mode. By several repetitions of the insertion characters and turns of the gadget you can skip the activation screen iOS and get to the desktop operating system.

The Activation Lock feature first appeared in iOS 7 and allows owners of Apple mobile devices to limit unauthorized access to features and content on gadgets in case of theft or loss. Thanks to the finding of the expert, this technology can be circumvented. Heman Joseph claims that the vulnerability is present on devices with the latest iOS version 10.1.1.

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