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Former Vice President of Google prefer the iPhone camera

Former Google Vice President Vic Gundotra (Vic Gundotra) has said that the world has an iPhone, he won’t shoot photos on an Android smartphone.

According to Gundotra, Android smartphones can take advantage of the larger screens, higher capacity batteries, the availability of audio-connector, but there is one option by which they lose the iPhone camera.

A former top Manager of Google in your Facebook account posted photos of children, captured on the iPhone 7 Plus in portrait mode, calling the shots stunning and noting that the iPhone camera will be the end of the era of digital and SLR cameras for many users. In addition, he noted that one of the causes of bad cameras in the Android smartphone is the openness of the system.

“That’s what the problem is Android itself. System open source is in most cases good, until you start to go into details. Have you thought ever why the Samsung smartphones are so many different options for a photo? I use the Samsung camera or Android camera? Samsung gallery or Google photos?

The fact is that if Samsung wants to change something in hardware that the company needs to first convince Google of the need for such changes. And it may take years…

In the Apple there are no such obstacles. They update the hardware, and then fit his software, and provide users.

In summary: if you really care about picture quality — choose iPhone. If you don’t mind to be a few years behind us — buy Android” — wrote Gundotra.

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