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Former fan of Android called buy iPhone 6 “best decision ever”

Earlier this week MacDigger wrote one fan of Android, which came back to Google after two weeks with the iPhone 6. Both platforms have their advantages, but iOS was the number of errors that he could not accept. In fairness, there are many who after buying iPhone 6 recalls with horror your Android smartphone. A Reddit user under the nickname Sheehan7 is one of them.

Blog Sheehan7 told why he decided not to return on a Google OS. He calls himself a former loyal fan of Android. He had a tube HTC, LG and Samsung’s latest smartphone – LG Optimus G. iPhone 6, he has been using for two months and not even consider another gadget. The decision to switch to iPhone he calls “the best decision of life.”

“About two months ago I bought the iPhone 6 with 16 GB of memory. I just fell in love with the device, writes Sheehan7. – The operating system is smooth and reliable, the design is very nice (I REALLY like the menu during calls and a transparent background with stylish buttons round shape). I never thought that I will use Siri, but now a month since I don’t open address book – I just call the name of the person you want to call or write a message. It’s great”.

According to the former Android fan, he has no claims to the iPhone. He happened to hold in your hands Galaxy S6 and now he wonders how he could use such an operating system.

“I never understood why people only buy Apple gadgets. Now I know. Thanks to everyone who advised me to buy an iPhone 6. I’m satisfied,” he wrote.

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