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Former colleagues of jobs at Pixar in awe of the iPad Pro and stylus Apple Pencil

This week Apple provided for testing of Pixar Animation new tablet iPad Pro and stylus Apple Pencil. My impressions about new shared chief architect of the Department of research and development Michael B. Johnson.

“Our friends at Apple gave us for testing the iPad Pro and Pencil”, – wrote the representative of Pixar, known as Dr. Wave. To the message he attached a photo of the Studio staff study tablet and digital pen Apple. Johnson noted that the iPad Pro works perfectly the function of the trim touches the palm.

“Can’t wait to be able to acquire iPad Pro and Pencil. Can’t wait to start working with the gadget and write the software for it. Thumb up”, he added.

Presentation of the iPad Pro and the Pencil caused a heated debate on the Internet. Apple founder Steve jobs was strongly opposed styli. In 2007, he said: “Who needs a stylus? — asked jobs then during the presentation of the iPhone. — You need to get it out, to remove, it lose. Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus”. However, 8 years later Apple launches such a gadget, and former colleagues of jobs positively met the product.

The history of relations between Steve jobs with Pixar is well known. He bought The Graphics Group, later renamed Pixar, the company Lucasfilm in 1986 for $ 5 million. Although the estimated cost for the Studio was $ 10 million, at that moment George Lucas needed the money to cover the costs of the divorce process. In 2006, jobs sold Pixar to the Walt Disney company for 7.4 billion dollars for the shares of Disney. This businessman was in its Board of Directors, while remaining the largest individual shareholder of Disney, having acquired 7% stake in the Studio.

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Under the leadership of Steve jobs Pixar has released films such as “toy Story” and “monsters, Inc”. From November 2012 the main building at Pixar is Steve jobs.

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