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Former chief developer of Apple Mail will the development of “smart” email client Spark

The Readdle apps for iOS and macOS are among the most popular, opening a new office in Silicon Valley. It will be headed by Terry Blanchard, a leading developer default mail client Apple Mail. The company from Cupertino, he worked for more than 6 years, he was instructed to assemble a new team in the United States.

According to General Director of the Ukrainian company Igor zhadanov, the top Manager will be engaged in building the team and opening an office in Silicon valley. The team will focus on developing the mail client Spark.

In the Apple, Benard led the engineering technology Department, responsible for Apple Mail. According to him, he shared with Readdle’s vision of the future postal services. Despite the opening of the office and the search for new employees in Silicon valley, the team will Spark one, but with multiple locations.

Spark mail app available for iOS and macOS. It is able to automatically distribute the letters according to topics and category of importance. The algorithms are based on contacts and their importance— for example, letters from existing users and services automatic distribution are different. Read and unread messages are automatically moved to the bottom of the screen.

Spark allows you to send customized invitations to meetings and view a list of who responded in the same letter, choose the signature to the letter when using swipe to answer with the help of pre-prepared quick answers.

Headquarters Readdle located in Odessa. In total the company employs 105 employees. In addition to Spark they are developing apps Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Documents and Calendars 5 for iOS and macOS.

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