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Former Android user has called the main drawback of iPhone 7 Plus, which he regretted the purchase

This week marks the anniversary of the iPhone. 10 years ago Steve jobs introduced the first Apple smartphone. This event has become one of the most iconic in the company’s history and significantly influenced the development of the industry of smartphones and the balance of power producers, putting an end to the leadership of Nokia and BlackBerry. However, in recent years innovations introduced by the company’s management, causing more controversy. So, some of the features of the iPhone lead to the indignation of the users accustomed to the Android ecosystem.

Business Insider editor Jim Edwards, according to Ain, after several years of use “guglofonov” decided to switch to the iPhone 7 Plus. The main drawback of “Apple” smartphone, he said in his column.

“I remember the exact moment when I realized that buying an iPhone 7 Plus was a mistake — I tried to get an interview with a London venture capital investor on the phone.

Apple made the iPhone in such a way that it is impossible to record the conversations. Not to record telephone conversations was illegal, especially if you warn the other party that are recording. And in other phones for a decade, there is a function to record conversations. But Apple for some reason does not allow you to record conversations on the iPhone.

Then I thought: okay, now download the application to record telephone conversations and no problems. But, no!

It turns out that due to the ban of Apple’s recording app will work only if you connect your call with another call in the application, which it already logs. With perepodavatel, but not impossible. And again, no! It turned out that my provider does not support the United calls on iPhone, so even that I could not do it.

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Then I thought again, OK. I’m just taking the conversation to speaker and use the Voice Memos app to record sound. And the third time no! On the iPhone and it is prohibited.

I solved the problem by put my iPhone 7 Plus with a loudspeaker next to my old phone on Android, and recorded the conversation.

My old Samsung Note 5 is recorded an interview with Voice Recorder from Appliqato and carefully put the recording in my folder on Dropbox. At the same time, if I called with a Note 5, I could use the app Automatic Call Recorder from Appliqato, which automatically recorded the conversation without much fuss.

But none of the apps listed above and none of the required functions are not working on the iPhone.

Because in my profession you have to rely on the phone 18 hours a day, for me the smartphone is the most important device in life. I need him for everything and constantly. My Note 5 was the first phone with all of it. But I dropped it, got a huge crack on the beautiful hull color of white gold.”

On iPhone, there are a lot of good, but…

Edwards said there are few things that work better on iPhone than on Android. Battery, according to the observations of the journalist, fantastically tenacious — “if by the end of the day is less than 50% charge, I start to feel sad,” he says. “So if you have the battery stamina is a requirement, iPhone 7 Plus — your choice”.

There is also a list of some of the functions on the iPhone work better than on Android, for example, Twitter and Gmail (which is ironic, because Gmail is a native app from the Creator of Android, Google), and still caught faster Wi-Fi.

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Among other shortcomings of the iPhone 7 Plus Edwards calls the lack of the usual Android buttons on the control keys “Back” and “Menu” in the interface.

“While Apple went ahead and added the function “back” in almost every window. But everywhere is different. Sometimes it’s an arrow, sometimes the little label that shows the last used app, sometimes nothing. In General one can live. But the normal “back” button all very much simplified.”

“But what the iPhone really is a generation behind Android is the notification screen. iPhone has come a long way in improving this key, and the functionality of the notifications and status bar are much better than before. But on Android you can control everything on your phone from the notification screen. And customize as you wish,” he says.

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