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ForeverGlass glass for the iPhone 7 will make the smartphone “indestructible” [video]

Drop iPhone on the tiles means an imminent death of the screen, the most vulnerable part of the device. Wherein the protective film and the glass save not always. On this occasion, the startup Gonzo Guardz developed ForeverGlass protective screen, which according to the manufacturer it is impossible to break.

The recipe ForeverGlass, of course, carefully concealed — shrouded in similar mystery was once the production of Venetian mirrors. It is only known that this glass consists of six layers and is reinforced with chemicals – unlike the products of competitors. And, of course, widely advertised miraculous properties-glass compared to ordinary soda-silica glass it is several times stronger and like polymers, is resistant to scratches and bumps.

In the demo video on ForeverGlass beat with a hammer, dropping the phone from height, apply a force to multiple points on the surface… And he no nothing. In practice, this means that the iPhone screen you can swipe with an expensive manicure, wearing the gadget in a bag with keys and other sharp (and just heavy) objects. And even if you accidentally drop the device on the floor or the pavement — too anything terrible will not occur.

To ForeverGlass attached lifetime guarantee called the WaRRRanty. Three middle letter stands for “overwrite” (Replace), resume (Renew) and redo (Repeat). Is “eternal glass” for the iPhone 7 just $9.99.

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