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Forever Sega for iOS – how not to do the classics

Recently, SEGA pleased all fans of old school: the company will port their ancient hits on mobile! Free, with an impressive starting lineup, with a new release every month! What is not a reason to dance a fiery dance of happiness – part of the magnificent library SEGA will now access mobile. Cheers? As it turned out, too early to rejoice.

Sega Forever is, so to speak, the informal name of all games that are ported in a specific format. It is in any case not a single application, but a conventional collection, which currently includes five games: the first “sonic”, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star II, Kid Chameleon, Comix Zone. Describe in detail about each, perhaps it makes no sense: it is long and dreary, and outsiders will not understand.

So let me briefly. “Sonic” – the start of amphetamine arcade about a crazy blue hedgehog that moves solely with the velocity of “Bugatti”. As before, play Sonic hard: before my eyes was something obscene, all very quickly flies, shines and burns the cornea. The game started, vzhuh, the game is over – it’s amazing that the 90’s were our main entertainment.

Altered Beast, Phantasy Star II and Kid Chameleon is, of course, lower class – two birds, the progenitor of the JRPG genre. Phantasy Star II – game, without exaggeration, great, but modern user will be damn hard: very slow rhythm, forgotten mechanics, specific style. But with platformers it’s much easier: in Altered Beast, you can, for example, to change into a werewolf, and Kid Chameleon to change her appearance. And no one in their right mind will take either the first or second platformer in the category of classics, but playing them is still fun.

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Comix Zone is another story. Insanely innovative (and perhaps current) time action game where the main character is the artist of his own comic book. Cool story, tight combat, a lot of different opponents: one was in my childhood Mega Drive, he jammed cartridge, Comix Zone to chips. Now to watch that rare quality – the elegance with which the game breaks the fourth wall: when a character pulls out a piece of page from “level” to make the mortal plane, just a heartbeat. Now don’t do that.

Unfortunately, all this magnificence breaks about the technical side. Almost all the games somehow hamper – God knows how it was possible so to port (say, blame the Unity engine), but even the penultimate releases of smartphones and tablets does not guarantee you anything. In addition, all the “literal” control: the buttons are just copied from the original joystick and moved on the screen. Everywhere except “Sonic”. Needless to say, this greatly affects the comfort, especially in Comix Zone, where you have powerful chopped.

Perhaps these flaws can be forgiven, considering the free games, but here’s an easy trick – you will have to defeat the is and work of cloud saving. Want to remain not only on the device and remove the disgusting banners? Well, let’s 149 rubles – for each game, of course.

The problem is Sega Forever in the fact that this is not the case when we direct urgently needed all of these games. Comix Zone – great, yeah. But the Hedgehog was ported a long time ago and almost on a calculator; no Altered Beast and Kid Chameleon in 2017 to live peacefully. Phantasy Star II is too old school and the old regime, so in all seriousness it held (and still suffer a loss of saving). Soon the library will join Virtua Tennis – another forgotten legend – but the caveat is that its nearest colleague has brought to mobile five years ago – and it was so cool that almost 20-year-old original will hardly overtake just because of age reasons.

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In General, SEGA started noble, but, alas, pointless romp. All decent games from their library have long since left the stuffy wall SEGA-consoles and run on anything. Who has not left, that is probably no need to go anywhere – especially under the spotlight is aimed at ambitious publisher.

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