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For they do not like the Apple Watch. And why I will buy Watch Series 3

Paul Gorodnitsky told heavy biography of smart watches from Apple and locked: only now this gadget can be purchased without fear and false expectations.

In August of 2014 about the premiere of smart watches from Apple said no less than on the sixth iPhone. Tim cook in an incredible way saved wearable gadget from leaks, so the network constantly pop up strange concepts and fictional characteristics.

In reality the watch was frankly boring at the same time that someone else believed it was possible to create an ergonomic device with a round, classic dial, the screen, so a rectangular display Watch provoked a small sigh of disappointment.

However, Apple accustomed to the magical convenience of its products, therefore after the words of the cook that he is extremely accustomed to this wonderful hour, my heart was calmer. But then Tim announced that the wait for the new product will have a month or even three months and six months.

Immediately kerf mode of indifference – as it is now, when Apple slowed down with the HomePod and the iPhone X.

In the first weeks after the start of sales of the Watch was not made to praise.

Journalists asked the right questions.

And why do we need a gadget that you have to charge every couple of days?

Why they can not swim?

And how come that Apple showed a watch later all the competitors?

What in the hell is no sync only with Android devices but with the iPad?

And nothing that the average market smart watches are much cheaper than the Watch?

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I well remember the indignation and the emotions experienced, when for the first time touched a watch from Apple. I did not have the slightest desire to buy them, because I heard enough stories about the weak autonomy of the frail aluminum case, useless apps, and other typical cons to Watch.

I do not understand how you need to treat this device.

A helpful assistant? It’s unlikely, too explicit dependence on the smartphone.

Sports assistant? These features would not be focused.

Just a gadget that saves time on the notifications and saves battery smartphone? Some stretched benefits.

Apple has positioned the Watch as a stylish accessory, and it was a mistake from technology giant is not expecting a beautiful piece, but something of a breakthrough.

I believed that the revolution would happen in the second generation. But no – there just upped my resistance, the processor and screen brightness. Third Watch too, at first was not pleased: LTE does not work, and the rest of the pros look wildly dull.

Over the past year, four times I came to the store for Watch and four times left with nothing – is nonsense, because I’m gadgetman and orgasming, unboxing a new device.

But the clock was really upset – they just do not happen.

All stories below:

1. The autumn of 2015. Vybesilo that display rubber strap Watch is stuck a lot of dust.

2. Autumn 2016. I was amazed that the 42 mm watch is similar to an ancient calculator: 40% of the area of the front panel – no screen, and its frame. This, incidentally, is really a shame.

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3. Spring 2017. I got the watch, I started to test and noticed a distinct slowdown. “It’s okay,” said the consultant. I hesitated, stepped carefully read reviews and found out that there is a two second delay on all the watches. In applications of interval thought can grow even greater.

4. The fourth attempt was in October 2017. I asked the seller for watch third generation, but has not delivered. It remains only very old logogram – Series 1. As I understand it, this situation is now in many retail stores.

Will have to wait and pace for the Series 3, as soon as they appear.

What is the main plus Watch Series 3?

And in anything. They just don’t lag (new chip), qualitatively measure heart rate and other indicators of organism (first Watch – disgusting), and at the same time an excellent job with the role of a small screen for notifications.

For the sport – the most it. For life – also, if you have a lot of important alerts.

All other Apple Watch elementary and not useful. The old clock will be annoying slowness. New – scarce functionality of mediocre applications.

While they are still a decently – as a good smartphone.

I’ll take Watch 3 exactly for three reasons.

First, I’m really involved in sports and have outgrown Xiaomi Mi Band – I want something more serious.

Secondly, I read foreign reviews: speed Watch 3 they praise sincerely.

Thirdly, it seems to me that Apple itself doesn’t believe in the market of smart hours. He’s objectively dead. Android Wear in suspended animation. Other competitors do not.

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Can easily assume that the Watch will be made in the design of 2014.

Wait for the new building is already too naive, so Series 3 – though sad, but the ultimate choice.

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