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For the production of processors “Baikal” allocated half a billion rubles

Expert Board of the industrial development Foundation (PDF) under the Ministry of industry and trade has approved a loan amount of 500 million rubles to the Russian manufacturer of microprocessors “Baikal Electronics” to start mass production of processors “Baikal-T1”. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the press service of the Fund. The loan is at 5% per annum for five years.

New processors can be used in industrial automation and telecommunications equipment, including automated control systems, printers, routers, and access points Wi-Fi. Selected FER the funds will be used for the final stage of preparation for the beginning of mass production of processors, which in total requires 778 million. And the remaining amount to 278 million roubles will allocate the company T-Platforms, which owns 75% “Baikal Electronics”.

Processor “Baikal-T1”, based on 28-nm process technology was developed in Russia. His production is conducted at the facilities of the Taiwanese TSMC, which also manufactures Apple A8 processors for the iPhone and iPad. The first prototype processor “Baikal-T1”, operating at a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, was released in may of this year.

The microprocessor consists of several layers, and “Baikal Electronics” will pay about 50 of photomasks, which will be printed each layer, said technical Director Grigory Hrenov. In addition, the company will pay for the equipment and a computer program for testing of plates with crystals, which will be stripped processors, and subsequent testing of the chips, already assembled in the housing.

By 2020 “Baikal Electronics” plans to produce 5 million processors. This will be sufficient to repay the loan, passed through the press service of the Fund, the Director of Department of strategic development and project management of the Ministry of industry and trade Basil Osmakov. He believes that the cost of the processor allows to speak about its competitiveness both in Russia and abroad.

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