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For that abuse iOS 9: challenges of the new Apple platform

On Friday, September 25, will start selling the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that run on the operating system iOS 9. Submitted on 16 September, it sparked a flood of criticism. Experts Rbc decided to find out whether the new operating system Apple is so bad.

For the third year in a row, the new version of iOS is accompanied by a barrage of criticism. Two years ago, the Apple community has split into two camps: those who accepted the new flat design of iOS 7, and those who are “ugly colors sevens” were not to the liking.

A year ago Apple has released iOS 8, which immediately became the most problematic version of the operating system in history. Bugs, crashes, freezes, terrible lag on older devices like iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Most network broke the story one owner iPhone: iOS 8 landed his smartphone battery from 100% to zero in one hour!

In General, in 2014 the owners of Apple devices, perhaps for the first time knew what when phone or tablet slows down. To the credit of the company, she quickly released several critical updates, and everything fell into place.

And now iOS 9. Version, which was conceived as the most stable and productive. But the Internet is once again discussing not its new features, and departures and “brake”. A number of users reported that their devices have become slower after the upgrade, so some criticize iOS 9 for it. To RUB even on the slogan: “the Most serious operating system is now even more serious… slow”. In fact, the optimal solution would be to give “nine” a few hours for full indexing and complete the rest of the background tasks.

Another common problem faced by users after a software update — trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. Errors that were detected: unable to connect to a wireless network, the problems with entering the password, the idle settings, disconnect the connection, slow connections. Most of these failures can be solved by resetting your network settings under General –> Reset –> Reset network settings.

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Some users have reported that the mobile app has stopped responding after you upgrade. This failure is eliminated quite easily. Just double-tap the Home button and “brushing” the application, unload it from memory, then start again.

In surveys, it was found that a large percentage of iOS users 9 feel that the battery was enough for a shorter lifetime. The difficulty of this issue is that to estimate the lifespan of battery can only be subjective, because this aspect is dependent on the use of iPhone and iPad, and therefore very difficult to determine what exactly is causing this problem.

How bad is it? Definitely hard to say. Each user has their own story update: someone actually faced with the problems such as deterioration in battery life, and someone is probably making it up, tossing firewood into the fire. The problems depend on the device: test on iPad Air 2 iOS 9 is significantly faster than 8.4 (minus a few weird lockups app “Music”), and the iPhone 5, by contrast, was to “think” longer.

Yesterday Apple released an iOS update 9.0.1, which should solve the most important problems. In the description it indicated to him that the new version fixes the problem with the failure alarm. And you can imagine the anger of a man who slept through something important just because because you upgrade the operating system it will not Wake the device for $600.

iOS 9 is not a perfect system. Yet it is not fully debugged, and some new features Apple will be finalized in updates. Apple will almost certainly get it in a few weeks, and we will get iOS 9 in the form in which it was conceived. However, almost all the innovations of developers were very out of place. The platform became more comfortable and functional. Isn’t that what we all been waiting for.

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