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For struggle against icicles on the roof of the Apple Store in Chicago enough to include heated

At the end of December 2017 the temperature in Chicago dropped below zero and the roof of the flagship Apple Store started to hang icicles and layers of snow. However, Apple seems to have found a solution to the problem, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Employees of the Apple Store representatives told the publication that the building of the shop is not only beautiful but also clever from an engineering point of view. It turns out, the roof is equipped with heating system, designed to combat the formation of ice and accumulation of snow.

At the end of December in Chicago had turned cold and control Apple Store didn’t think to reconfigure the control system of the roof. After changing settings, icicles and layers of snow, dangerously hanging over the heads of visitors, needs to melt.

Experts Apple is also working to reprogram the algorithm in the heating system so that its management did not require constant human involvement.

The construction of the flagship store in Chicago has cost Apple in 26.9 million dollars. The building is characterized by innovative design and, as we now know, sophisticated engineering solutions.

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