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For six months at Apple Music in Russia was signed by 300,000 people

For six months the music Music service Apple bought in Russia, about 300 000 subscribers. Such statistics lead “Vedomosti”, with reference to the major Western record companies.

According to the source, Russia is the fifth largest audience in the world market for Apple after the U.S., the U.K., Japan and Canada. This information was confirmed by a source at a major electronics manufacturer who is familiar with data the California giant. The representative of the American company declined to comment.

Just have Apple Music now 10 million subscribers in the world, reported the Financial Times (FT) with reference to reliable sources. This indicator Apple has been able to achieve in just six months, whereas the main participant of the market of streaming music services – Spotify, the Swedish have reached the same result in six years, says an anonymous interviewee FT.

Apple Music earned at the end of June 2015 more than 100 countries, including Russia. Its subscribers have access to the iTunes directory, consisting of 30 million pieces of music, and can listen to them online.

For Russia, where Internet users are reluctant to pay for content, 300 000 subscribers during the six months – a very good result. The sources expect that in the near future the Russian subscribers Apple Music will become even more – about 500,000. The audience growth is facilitated by low compared with Western countries the cost of subscription, he said: if, for example, U.S. subscribers pay monthly as low as $9.99, in Russia – from 169 rubles ($2.2 m).

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Russia is certainly among the top 10 in number of subscribers Apple Music, and her getting into the top 5 could contribute to the launch of this service on devices running Android – the most popular in the country, said a top Manager of a Western major.

Well, that Apple music service is becoming more popular, but at the same time this means that downloading music in the traditional way people will be less and less, the FT said Midia Research analyst mark Mulligan. Apple Music Spotify is rapidly catching up and by 2017 may become the biggest streaming service, he predicts. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic industry (IFPI), in 2014 global sales of music albums fell by 8% and total sales of streaming services increased by 39%. In Russia the income of these services has increased and is 214%. Data for 2015 yet.

The growth of the audience streaming service could not fail to affect sales of individual music tracks and albums in Apple, both agree the interlocutor of “Vedomosti” in the music companies. One of them, since the end of the test operation Apple Music their sales in Russia fell by 25% on average. At the same rate, according to him, the sale of tracks and albums from Apple and reduced worldwide with the launch of the streaming service. Source to another record company said that after the launch of Apple Music rights holders recorded a decline in revenue by 20%. However, in Russia the main reason is the appreciation of the dollar in rubles and incomes from streaming, and from the sale of tracks and albums grow.

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