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For sale: a great app for Dating

Newspaper heading “Looking for you” in local periodicals – not the best way to make someone acquaintance: I think online Dating appeared a week later the Internet. But this way to open a new love can not be called modern: for now, everything important happens in the phones. Leading Russian Dating services have experienced a trend, and are moving their assets in the scope of your pocket or where you keep your phone. However, not all applications succeed: some pushing for microtransactions, and some just crooked work. LovePlanet mobile version may be the best among competitors.

The app just touches design, and a stable job – do not brake, do not eject, the link does not break: not bad. All tabs and buttons are placed exactly on the places where expected – difficult to get confused.

First Sale will be asked to register (or to drive existing data– you can create a separate account and can be verified with Facebook, “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and other social networks. Then design a questionnaire: it is possible to approach the matter responsibly and inform yourself about everything, up to the number of moles, and you can just limit that will automatically attach a social network to which you went.

Find a new love or a pleasant companion in LovePlanet two ways: the old way and new way. In the first case, you specify in the “search” you are interested in the parameters, then the application displays all available GM options. You just have to browse other people’s profiles and “like”. However, this is an outdated method, and LovePlanet offers to make everything a little bit easier: to use “love radar”.

To do this, don’t forget to open the program geolocation – the app will detect your location and then roll out the list of those who lives near you. The search scope can be set to: including quite “lazy” numbers like 300 meters. Perhaps this feature is of little use to the inhabitants of the small provinces, but the inhabitants of the cities will certainly appreciate: the last thing I would like in our sverkhzadacha the world is to fall in love with the person on the other end of the city.

After between you and another user set basic communication (it is enough to exchange “likes”), you can go to the chat here LovePlanet is not much different from messagerow. By the way, you can not only communicate in private chats – there is a community of anonymous. Scrolling through the kilometer posts, there you can find a lot of people’s secrets and share your. Why not?

Frankly, LovePlanet unlikely to offer you something you’ve never seen (except, perhaps, search by geolocation) is a classic deyt the app, and if you ever spend time in such places, then you will understand everything. But LovePlanet mobile version has one important, advantage armor piercing – it’s damn fast service and beautiful interface. And monetization schemes rather soft – is not loaded, money does not ask. Ideal, in General, the place to look for new companions, friends, love, or adultery.

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