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For police officers has created a bullet-proof iPhone

Specifically for employees of internal Affairs of Russia created iPhone 7 out of bulletproof titanium. Device issued by the company Caviar designed especially for the Day of employee of organs of internal Affairs, which is celebrated on 10 November.

iPhone made from durable bullet-proof material brand BT23], which is used to create bulletproof vests. The design model is the emblem of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

The cost of the phone starts from 192 000 rubles in the amount of memory in 32 GB. According to the company, the designs of the phones are made in single style and represent a powerful Alliance of different forms of titanium.

“Composite background is presented in the form of a titanium texture “Damascus steel” and grooved titanium coating applied during the PVD technique. This durable bullet-proof material brand BT23] is also used to create body armor that guarantee the protection of the first class. The main focus in the design of the model is the emblem of the Ministry of internal Affairs, made in sculptural technique can reliably convey the volume of all elements,” — said the press Secretary, Anna Lobova.

Also, the device is decorated with lines from the song: “Our service and dangerous and difficult”.

“It gives the design a strict phone tone of some of cordiality, because it is not a hymn and not an official statement, but it is in these familiar words, sounds so much truth about those whose job it is every day to protect law and order,” — noted the representatives of the jewelry company.

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In addition to the model of the interior Ministry Caviar has also updated the design models of the airborne forces, the FSB and the “Army of Russia”. They were presented on the iPhone 6s, now enhanced and translated into a format the iPhone 7.

Russian-Italian company Caviar became famous in Russia gold smartphone with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2014, it was released 44 such a phone that sold out the first day. One of the buyers was actor Ivan Okhlobystin.

However, later the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov suddenly announced that Vladimir Putin does not approve the use of his image for commercial purposes. Later, the company released the gold Apple watch with the autograph of the President

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