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For information on methods of bypass of lock of sites will be fined on 100 000 roubles

Roskomnadzor together with owners has prepared amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and about information protection” and the Code of administrative offences (Cao). Innovations involve penalties for the promotion of methods of bypass of lock of sites on the Internet.

The amendments were developed jointly with the working group of rights holders. They determine what is “mirror”, and will allow the holder to require the court not only to lock a resource, but also its “mirrors”. On March 17, these changes will be discussed with major online sites Runet.

The amendments also planned penalties for anyone who “promotes” ways around blocked by a court decision sites. With this initiative in February of 2016 was made by the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet. Such information is planned to be fined in the amount of 3-5 thousand rubles for officials and up to 50-100 rubles for legal entities.

To fight the “mirror” proposed by the head of Roskomnadzor. After a “lifetime” lock the torrent tracker in January 2016, its administrators bought about a hundred domains that will be hosted copy of the site. At the moment Roskomnadzor has blocked about 20 websites.

It is worth noting that the attendance almost not changed. In addition to the presence of an impressive number of “mirrors”, shortly before locking the administration of the tracker told the users about the technical methods by which it is possible to circumvent the ban and continue to use the resource as usual.

The next day after locking the tracker also announced the severance of all relations with right holders who, by agreement with the site administration, had a special account that allowed them to quickly remove the distribution of pirated content.

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The initiatives of authorities to limit the freedom of the Internet will encourage people to increasingly turn to various ways to bypass locks, which means that the Internet is becoming more anonymous.

It should be noted that current legislation does not prohibits the use of anonymizers and proxy servers to access blocked sites by the authorities. However, for advertising of such services entails a fine.

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