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For fear of worsening sales Galaxy S8 Samsung postponed the release of the smartphone Galaxy Note FE on July 30

Recently, sources told the network that the start of sales of smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note FE, which is a restored version of “exploding” Galaxy Note 7, scheduled for 7 July. Now, it is reported that the output of the device is delayed.

According to GSMArena, the smartphone Galaxy Note FE will be available only at the end of July, roughly, 30. The delay in launch is that Samsung had to increase volumes of release of Galaxy Note FE due to a sharp growth in demand (presumably from the Korean mobile operators). If initially, the company expected to produce 300 000 Galaxy Note FE, but now this figure had risen to 450,000.

Another reason for the delay were concerns by Samsung about the Galaxy that FE can take the part of potential buyers of the flagship models Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+, given how much more affordable is restored the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note is identical to the FE will be completely withdrawn from the market Galaxy Note 7 with the exception of the battery, the capacity of which decreased from 3500 to 3200 mAh. Also the device will support voice assistant Bixby.

The cost recovered will be 699 600 Korean won ($625), slightly cheaper than the new iPhone 7.

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