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For fans of “Game of thrones” released a iPhone 7 for 200 thousand rubles and a Nokia 3310 for 150 thousand rubles

Manufacturer of luxury smartphones has announced an exclusive Caviar collection Nokia 3310 and iPhone 7, timed to the launch of the new season of “Game of Thrones”. Fans of the iconic TV project HBO has offered a smartphone worth 150 and 200 thousand respectively.

Theme Nokia 3310 and iPhone 7 got the titanium case is engraved under the “Valyrian steel”, which was created by the sword of Eddard stark’s “Ice.” The jewelers said that Valyrian swords can kill the White Walkers – the walking dead that threaten all living things.

Pattern Valyrian steel sword was recreated by designers for frames of the film, as well as the illustrations for the book series masters such as Michael Komarck and some others.

Nokia 3310 is also complemented by a gold emblem of House stark. iPhone 7 got all of the above features, plus the bas-relief of the Iron Throne, which has seven seasons fighting the characters of the series.

Within the limited collection will be released for 99 instances of models based on the iPhone 7 and Nokia 3310. The iPhone 7 Game of Thrones starts with a mark of 199 000, Nokia 3310 Game of Thrones will cost 149 000 rubles.

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