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For developing iOS apps no longer need a Mac

For developing iOS apps no longer requires a Mac with the new Microsoft tool called Xamarin Live Player.

Yesterday the Build conference 2017, in which Microsoft introduced a new tool for programmers. Xamarin Live Player allows to develop and debug iOS apps using Visual Studio for Windows, without the use of Apple computers.

For Android developers this tool does not bring anything new. In the case of iOS apps, developers will have the ability to program without access to a Mac, and installing the SDK and emulator. According to Microsoft, this will simplify the process of creating software for iPhone and iPad and will attract new professionals.

According to the representative of the company, Xamarin Live Player, the application starts in seconds, allowing you to quickly make and test changes without recompiling and redeploying. In addition, the developer can debug directly ON the device and through the air. Mac will be required only at the stage of final Assembly and download the app in the App Store.

One of the drawbacks of Xamarin Live Player is to use the interpreter for .NET that may result in slower operation of the application.

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