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For bringing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is on the plane in the US you can get a fine of up to $180,000 and 10 years in prison

To carry smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is on Board now is a crime. The Federal aviation administration issued the requirement, effectively equating gadget to weapons and explosives.

Smartphone you cannot keep to yourself, either in hand Luggage or checked in. The airline ordered to deny boarding to passengers who have discovered the Galaxy Note 7. If the phone still will get on Board, it must switch off immediately.

Passengers who will carry the Galaxy Note 7 in the plane face a fine of up to $180,000 and even criminal prosecution with a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Thus, even if one of the owners of flagship Samsung and decide to ignore the risk of ignition and leave the smartphone itself, in flight he will have to take another camera.

Following the us aviation regulator similar measures began to take and the world’s leading airlines, such as KLM. Likely, the ban on the Galaxy Note 7 will soon introduce most of the world’s airlines.

Last week Samsung officially announced the definitive halt of production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7 due to the potential risk of explosion. According to the company, all models, including non-defective samples are discarded, not repaired and sold again.

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