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Football on caffeine: a review of Active Soccer 2 DX

Since football on your mobile with the release of the updated FIFA ended happily, have tried in vain to look for alternatives. Not so much: the other pole of the virtual kicking of the ball – PES – died even sooner, and to pay attention to some Real Football, you will agree, not serious. It remains the last Bastion segment “humorous” football is not a simulator, but rather the arcade, not the digital equivalent of the Champions League, and the digital equivalent of a TV show where randomly popped finished with a career player. And we found that Active Soccer 2 DX, a defector from consoles and PC.

The second (improved) part of the Active Soccer, so to speak, is not gained glory on Xbox One and PS4 – mobile but the criteria is lower, and orders a little easier: the local press so the game accepts graciously. For this purpose, in General, there are all conditions: Active Soccer 2 DX is devoid of almost all the nuances of the “big” simulators football, where only the very essence. Namely, frantically running around a field and score goals.

You have, literally, three button – accelerating, passing and scoring. Dance your finger around the touch keys like in FIFA mobile, there is no need – parachute ball, you still will not send. But unable to pass his fleet-footed winger, and he would scoot with such speed, as if just knocked over the tank of energy. This built – speed and fun. You aptly chase the ball inside the line, breaks through to the goalkeeper, and then – BAM! – lashes in a shot. If you’re lucky, the ball will penetrate the mesh; otherwise, you have to defend.

Defense is more for show: you play against the same handful of caffeine of the mutant, so to catch him you just can not. The only time to go to the junction, and take the ball away. May be lucky – then immediately pass the ball in attack, everything will repeat anew, and the Mobius strip will curl until the final whistle.

Between the madness of football, however, gradually resting several modes – including career. You take control of a team that needs to be brought to the championship title – or at least to improve in the class (here a few battalions!). All Menegment lotion on the spot: you have a limited transfer budget, players, professional ambitions, and even the ability to sculpt tactical picture (useless thing). League, names of teams, of course, without a license, but to learn for Manchester Blue clear which team is easy; with the names of the same alignment. However, the difference between the clubs is almost no, and don’t be surprised when at the end of the season, the podium is Everton, Burnley and hull.

Console critics berated Active Soccer 2 DX for the graphics, but we wouldn’t turn around for the console is bad, it is for the iPhone 5S. Soft special effects (rain!), nice looking men, even a podium – the audience waving there flags and support you in every way. Yes, it’s not FIFA, but not too worse – for speed arcade will do.

In General, the same application can describe all Active Soccer 2 DX is not a revolution of the genre, but entertaining bauble with a couple of good ideas; another link in a long chain of “games for lunch”. However, the price – is Active Soccer 2 DX 229 rubles, which is slightly frustered: such games we used to see free.

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