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“Football of Russia”: let’s argue

A core value of any product is its image. The key problem of Russian football is its negative perception in society. It so happened that for many years, Russian football is perceived by fans and the public as something that can produce a positive content. However, to change the image of our main sport is necessary not only due to the victories on the football field, but also in the information space, social networks, through applications, games and many important aspects of the modern world filled with great possibilities.

Recently in Russia has spread eSports, cyberpatrol, and in this industry a lot of money. However, it is important not only to make the product, it is important also to promote the real football, not the virtual game and real football clubs, real players.

One of the very interesting examples of such promotion I was surprised to find the application “Football of Russia” when sitting in a queue studied the new capabilities of your iPhone. Established, believing that is the equivalent of “sports” or “Championship”. Turned out to be not quite right. The application “Football of Russia” offers an interesting option – when viewing a particular match or the Premier League, FNL, can be cut with other users, applications, on any topic. To argue, to be exact. Slip Kokorin on another competition or not? Scored Ignashevich free-kick, which he, however, had long been doing? What happens with growth, if it will leave our Bekievich Kurban Berdyev? How much will strikes on the rods and, in General, gets the post and the goalkeeper, kicking a ball?!

The debate really is bottomless, you can come up with absolutely any question. But the main thing else. This story is not about betting, not about rates and not about spending out of pocket or worse – the family budget. Because to argue with the app directly during a match, during a live broadcast of any fight from the contemplation of boring can be made interesting and exciting. And with his own hands. Conditional on the game Amkar with conditional Tom you can show off with intellectual filling. It is as if you are riding long distances in the car or train and play in the city. Only here is interesting, and among the cities (about them, too, however, is debatable, Yes!) not be limited.

The game is not on money, but on virtual points and against a live, particular opponent, which actually can be found not only in the application but also on the sector of the stadium or in the pub during the broadcast. The user gets the whole set of essential statistics as well as numbers, goals, points, standings and match calendar. The app, by the way, unobtrusive refers to the very old-school “brekelenkam” on the Soviet and renderosity stadiums, which, remember, was about the debates and disputes of thousands of people before and after matches!

In fact, make a fan of our football, it means to promote it, to make its own contribution to the development of the game, and himself. Well updated with knowledge about, as they say, the game of millions. Don’t know the degree of involvement in the process football associations, Premier League and First division, but with the appropriate approach, traffic hits football Championships will increase. Moreover, unlike CyberDengui, the application to dig on the couch in front of the TV, or directly at the stadium. In this sense, the application “Football of Russia” has a clear lead.

In General, now I have this app is and I recommend it to put on your smartphone.

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