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Food Dairy Pro – the best diary diet

Diet – consuming process and requires not so much willpower, how much correct distribution of tasks. Rarely what diet-style eating nothing for two weeks” ends successfully; to lose weight, you need for a long time (at least a month) to monitor their diet and physical activity. Some of the old-fashioned way using Notepad, retentive relative or conscientious fitness trainer, but in this age of technology, you can long do without these archaisms. Just download the app, in which you can score your (sparse) menu and proceed from already embedded in the program data. One of the best applications of this kind – Food Dairy Pro.

Frankly, to call Food Dairy Pro basic calculator of calories consumed does not turn the language. This app is a full – fledged attribute of a healthy and thinner life. Initially you enter your data: for example, weight. Then honestly (this is important!) filled in a food diary – what you ate and how much. Then write out all the workouts that, if you are aiming to lose weight must be. The app not only will calculate the number of calories received, but the number burned in all kinds of trials and Jogging with a treadmill.

If you will honestly conduct the program, and all the time filling, Food Dairy Pro will show the dynamics of fair weight – many have put off, say, last week. If there’s any the result, this graph promotional cool; always nice to see a visualization of their success, albeit small. If progress is not found, it is not a reason to be upset – rather to change the training program and to revise the diet. Anyway, the feature is useful.

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Other key skills Food Dairy Pro – calculator of consumed fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Anyone who has ever dieted knows that to carbs should be stricter than for the inhabitants of the colonies of special regime: not more than 40% in a day. This Food Dairy Pro will help you cool – the app will calculate how many carbs will take in your body here is the portion of fried chicken with noodles, and is it worth it. Probably not. Again, need to know how much protein you consume – if below normal, that you lose weight mostly by burning muscle, not fat.

Or water loss – do not forget about the water balance that is easily disturbed on a diet. To drink (water) should be abundant Food and Dairy Pro will calculate whether you fit into the standards. And if not – let me remind you that you need to drink.

In General, the app reminds about everything – well, if you are so configured. Reminder to not forget to go to the gym, eat yogurt, drink a glass of water or make the bar. Hardly, of course, requires that the number of notifications a person with a normal memory, but the ability to customize it to fit your needs – happy.

Cost Food Dairy Pro to 229 rubles. It’s a bit, given the broad functionality of the application and the total cost of the programs in the App Store – for little money you can get a good assistant in struggle against excess weight and a faithful friend in the conquest of the abdomen. In addition, the application is not sewn any domestic purchases. You only need to pay once.

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