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Following the Apple Watch will have to “make” using the wheel, the Digital Crown

The classic method of plant mechanical watches – torsion spring located in the mechanism. This principle has remained unchanged since the creation of the first wristwatch. Manual method of the plant is used by almost all producers of mechanical timepieces. New Apple patent describes a system manual plant adapted for “smart” watches Apple Watch.

Apple’s invention relates to the field of clock industry and may be used in the production of smart-hours of energy generation which will be implemented by using a magnetic field. The company’s engineers have proposed to use for this purpose the digital Crown. During the rotation of the head in the spring accumulates energy. She then distributed throughout the mechanism, until the components of the power electronic components of the wearable computer.

The owner of the Apple Watch will be able to “make” a watch in order to provide a mechanism energy. The amount of energy for obvious reasons will not be sufficient for fully Autonomous operation of “smart” hours, but will increase the battery life of the device.

Due to the mechanism of the Apple plant plans to solve the problem of reducing the size of the battery and directly hours with a simultaneous increase in the autonomy of the device. The object of the invention is to create a design mechanism to make the Apple Watch one motion, he urged the process of charging the watch.

Apple’s patent application was registered in August 2016, but was released only now. If the company plans to implement a mechanism wound by hand in the third generation of Apple Watch is still unknown.

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