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Foaster: charge-toaster for iPhone and iPad [video]

The company Foaster announced an unusual docking station for iPhone and iPad. Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary kitchen toaster for bread. This toaster has four certified under MFI Lightning connector. Thus, while in Foaster can be charged several iPhone and iPad.

An appropriate design was chosen after the company conducted research that showed that the kitchen is the most common place to charge your iPhone.

Unlike traditional toaster in Foaster gadgets will not jump out when they are fully charged. Handle for lowering allows you to push parts of the toaster to adjust the iPad. All you can do is submerge your device in one of two terminals of an unusual docking station and wait until it recharge.

Design includes not full immersion chargeable devices in Foaster, but only up to half of it to show incoming notifications and the battery level. The device is made of aluminum and plastic.

Leave order Foaster on the company’s website. About the cost of new information yet.

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