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Fluxo: the first truly “smart” lamp [video]

The majority of lighting devices are arranged is quite simple. They include the switch or dimmer. But the lamp Fluxo from Australian developers are much more functional and capable of light control.

Lamp with a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 7.3 cm suspended to the ceiling on adjustable cable length (20-100 cm). It is designed for 110-220 V. To equip lamps in the shape of a saucer was used for more than 300 white and color LEDs. Latest create total luminous flux of 2,800 LM, which is comparable with the possibilities of incandescent lamps with a capacity of 200 watts.

Using special electronics Fluxo able to create directional lighting. Separate LEDs built in to the lower and upper part of the body to create direct and reflected light via anti-glare diffusers.

Fluxo connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth, and adjust the intensity, color and direction of lighting by using the app. Optionally, you can illuminate the room evenly or create separate areas with different backlight color and intensity. Thus, one lamp can replace multiple light sources.

The hues of white LEDs is regulated in a range between 2700 and 4000 K. the brightness of the led, oriented down, up to 2000 ANSI lumens, while the top row of lamps creates the illuminance 800 LM. Red, green and blue light almost does not bear the functional load, but serves only for decoration. There are many combinations of brightness, color and direction of light. Setting the desired set of parameters, the user can save the template for future use.

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In addition, “smart” bulb is equipped with sensors to detect human presence. When you activate this mode, the lamp significantly saves energy by automatically turning off lights when people leave the room.

On Kickstarter the device has collected the required amount of 55 000 euros less than a day. The first participants of fundraising were enough to pay 299 euros to reserve the right to receive the lamp. These lots, like the lots at 339 euros, has ended. Now the minimum fee is $ 369 euros. Fluxo deliveries will begin in August 2016.

At the moment the developers managed to collect more than 240 000 euros. Fundraising will continue for 21 days.

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