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Flash for smartphones Brando will solve the problem of night shots [video]

In these days every second person is an expert on photography. And this is not due to the development of photographic equipment and not with the growth of culture is connected with the popularization of smartphones and other istogramma. The company Brando just realized this and developed a high-tech flash for mobile devices.

The device with the speaker called Smartphone 16-LED Light connects with the mobile device through 3.5 mm audio connector which can be controlled via mobile app by synchronizing with the shutter of the camera. The device can work as a flash when photographing or constant illumination for video recording and video calling.

Hardware Smartphone 16-LED Light is a block the size of a lighter, on one side of which contains 16 powerful LEDs that emit light over a wide angle. The weight of the accessory does not exceed 14.

The novelty does not load the battery of the smartphone and has its own battery, which provides about 500 flashes. This same feature allows you to use it as a flashlight, capable of continuously illuminate within one hour. During charging, the device can serve as a table lamp or backlight keyboard.

Flash Brando Smartphone 16-LED Light is much more accessible to their peers. The cost of the accessory on the website of the company is $ 16.

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