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Flash drive iPhone 6s up to two times faster than iPhone 6

The reviewers of the site AnandTech, which has become one of the first owners of the iPhone 6s, conduct various tests of new products. Of particular interest to us are measuring the speed of the flash drive device. It is known that the new smartphones Apple used SSD controller for MacBook.

It is noted that in the iPhone 6s uses a hybrid SLC/TLC flash memory type NAND, which is aimed at maximum performance. In testing the 64-Gigabyte instance of components manufactured by Hynix.

“For those of you not familiar with hybrid NAND-solutions of the type SLC/TLC: in fact, it uses an increased amount of the cache memory to avoid problems with performance degradation, typical for TLC components. With every write data comes first in SLC-the division of memory, and then is redirected at TLC. Until enough speed TLC short term throughput is limited by the speed of the SLC cache. This is true for most situations under ordinary use,” writes AnandTech.

According to tests the publication, the speed of sequential reading of memory iPhone 6s Plus up to 50% faster than the iPhone 6 Plus – 402 MB/s vs. 253 MB/s On the write speed of the new flagship is twice as fast as its predecessor – 187 MB/s vs. 87 MB/s.

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