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Flash drive Integral Memory has two connectors USB Type-A and Type-C

The transition from normal USB to USB Type-C will be unpleasant by the fact that most USB devices will support only one of these two connectors. However, at Integral Memory introduced USB flash drive, crucial this issue. The main advantage of novelty is the presence of USB-C.

The new connector allows you to connect the Fusion drive USB Type-C to the latest MacBook with display sizes of 12 inches.

From an ordinary USB drive product Integral Memory differs in that it has an additional USB-C, therefore it can connect to any USB port, from USB 2.0 to 3.0 and ending with universal and symmetrical USB-C, which will simplify the use of flash drives without adapters for smartphones and tablets.

“Our new flash drive Fusion USB Type-C has two connector — USB Type A and USB Type-C, — stated in the Integral Memory. Is an indispensable device with which the user will get more free space for data storage and the ability to share them instantly”.

Body Fusion USB Type-C is made of metal. The flash drive is offered in three sizes – 16, 32 and 64 GB. Deliveries of new items scheduled for the third quarter.

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