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Flagship Snapdragon processor 835 lost productivity Apple A10, typing in AnTuTu is less than 183, 000 points

Popular benchmark AnTuTu allowed us to estimate the performance of the flagship processor Snapdragon 835, based on which will work the top Android smartphones in 2017. Data from the popular test package to demonstrate the processing power of the Qualcomm platform.

In the benchmark AnTuTu reference prototype on the new chipset have shown only 182 989 points, reaching the performance of iPhone 7 Plus. The result of the flagship Apple – 183 106 points. While Snapdragon 835 was more productive than Apple A10 Fusion chip in the iPhone 7, which scored 173 767 points.

The fact that the benchmark tests not only the CPU but also other subsystems of the smartphone depends on the performance and difference in results of two models “sevens”, possibly due to the difference in RAM.

The previous flagship chipset, Snapdragon 821, were recruited in different smartphones an average of 150, 000 points in the benchmark, a relative performance increase is small, although from the standpoint of the layman eight cores should run twice as fast four.

By the way, according to the Geekbench results, the smartphone based on Snapdragon 835 1844 gaining points in a single-threaded and 5426 points in the multithreaded test. For a top-end CPU these results can not be called impressive. For comparison, the iPhone 7 on the chip Apple Fusion A10 shows the result 3379 points in single-threaded and 5494 points in multi-threaded mode.

the iPhone 7 is built on the basis of 4-nuclear processor Apple a10 Fusion, in which two energy-efficient cores operate at a clock frequency of 1.05 GHz, and the high-performance two – 2.34 GHz. Judging by the Geekbench tests, “seven” 40% more powerful than its predecessor, the iPhone 6s in a single-core and multi-core tests.

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