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Five useful things in the style AliExpress #1

In this section, the editorial says some interesting things for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple technology was discovered in deposits on AliExpress and DealExtreme.

1. Two-in-one. Microscope and macro lens for your iPhone or iPad.

That’s such a wonderful thing wormed among a variety of silicone sleeves, one-dollar headphones and fake charges. The manufacturer claims that the maximum gain can reach X60 and the battery to LED lamp can be easily replaced.

Clip-clothespin with stickers equipped with soft lining to avoid scratching your iPhone.

Lamp color can be changed.

But what photos are in mode of the microscope.

To buy the device on DealExtreme. The price is 5-10 dollars.

2. Waterproof column for the bath.

All sometimes love to lie in the bath, relax and listen to music. If the iPhone is not waterproof, and the music I want to listen directly in a “dangerous” place near water, you should think about purchasing such a small device. Price — 8-18 dollars. You can buy it at DealExtreme.

3. The bumper, which is not visible.

The manufacturer claims that there are cases for a wide list of models: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The bumper is made of plastic material in the opaque parts and silicone transparent.

Here is a short instruction how to put on, and then remove the cover.

You can purchase directly on AliExpress. Price — $ 4-7.

4. Handheld tripod stabilizer with gyro or Steadicam.

Read more why you need it, you can read it here. But in a nutshell — enough to hold the tripod handle and press the “record” button below the stabilizer began to perform its functions. For example, catching the face in the lens, no matter what action was not taken. Very useful for recording live video on the go, running or even standing on a skateboard. Alternatively, you can configure the stabilizer to only the horizon line to move and continue to shoot in a certain direction. A similar effect can be seen in birds. If you take a chicken in his hands, her head will remain in one position. Here is a video which shows the principle of operation of such devices. It’s called a Steadicam.

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FeiyuTech 3 SPG you can buy on AliExpress at the price of 269-279 dollars.

5. Lens telescope with tripod.

It so happens that once in some scenic location, I want to photograph something far away, but zoom is not enough. Then help will come this set. For example, to photograph the moon. Or the girl from next door. Or even your house, standing on the top of the Ostankino TV tower. The price is more than affordable, only 13-15 dollars. You can buy it at DealExtreme.

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