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Five tips to properly shoot video on iPhone

Edition Macdigger in anticipation of the New year brought together five tips for shooting high-quality video on the iPhone. It is not difficult.

The number of the first

Never. Impossible. To remove. Video. Vertically. It is necessary to know as “our father” as “Hamidou”, as “al Fatiha”. Yes, there are apps that work correctly with vertical video. The same Instagram at Stories offers the only vertical option embed video. But it is worth remembering that in most cases when viewed on a smartphone and on the computer side of video will be 2 black rectangle covering most of the screen.

The best thing about shooting in a horizontal position is that virtually all apps support full screen video in landscape mode, and there will be no problems in playback on your TV or computer screen.

Number two

Video settings you should check before you start shooting. It is noteworthy that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X can shoot 4K at 60 frames per second. This mode produces incredibly clear and smooth picture. But the problem is that video recording at 60 fps requires more endurance, therefore, you will need more light. In low light at low shutter speed quality may deteriorate. So it would be better to switch to 30 frames per second with a small number of light sources. This option will also save space in the phone memory.

Room the third and fourth

You need to think in advance which of the two lenses is preferred. Plus, to solve the problem of video stabilization.

The iPhone X has a built-optical image stabilization on both cameras. This means that the camera shake when shooting can be forgotten. And on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should get a wide angle lens and use digital zoom. Although the image quality is reduced, but the shaking in the video is lost. If it is possible to lock the smartphone or put it on a tripod, so you can also solve the problem of video stabilization.

Monopod suitable for those who record video when driving, for example, a skateboarding video. Early tripods to stabilize cost thousands of dollars, but now there are many accessories to keep the phone whose price does not exceed $ 50.

With some practice, can turn out quite a nice picture. You can select to shoot 24 frames per second for cinema-style or shoot in 4K and 60 frames per second in order to give dynamism to the video.

The number five

To unlock the full potential of the cameras the smartphone is to use third-party applications during shooting and during post processing.

While the standard app offers only basic settings, third-party program to record video will help you to control many parameters. White balance and exposure, you can constantly change during motion, as the change of light intensity.

In low light, you should set the shutter speed is not lower than the number of frames per second. If you plan to shoot in 4K and 60 frames per second, you should put the shutter speed at least twice higher than the frame rate, otherwise the video will be too much blur. And exposure can be adjusted using the ISO setting.

You can play with the resolution settings. For example, to set the video bitrate much above 120 Mbit/s, while the standard is only 25 Mbit/s. This will increase the quality of the video, reducing compression, but at the same time, very much will increase the size of the video file.

When shooting 4K at 60 frames per second, you should set the bitrate to 50 Mbit/s to save space. But, if the memory space of iPhone is adequate, you can simply set this option to maximum.

Done all transactions were carried out with the application ProMovie Recorder, which is available in the App Store for 2.99 dollar.

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