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Five cheap wireless chargers for iPhone X and iPhone 8

In a new iPhone introduced a feature wireless charging, but for it to work you need a special charging station. Below are affordable options that you can buy right now.


Wofalodata Fast Wireless Charger is a one-piece solid panel with a length of 5.7 inches, which can expand and turn into a stand for your iPhone. Wofalodata supports as a standard 5 watt charger and a quick charging up to 10 watts.

Comes with a microUSB cable with a length of half a meter. Wofalodata Fast Wireless Charger can be purchased on Amazon for $ 16.99 or 1000.


YUMUM Wood Wireless Charger — charger similar to the small wooden bar. The only thing that gives him purpose is the symbol of wireless charging on the top and microUSB port.

Comes with a microUSB cable, the manufacturer recommends to use the power adapter 2A. YUMUM Wood Wireless Charger is 13.79 USD or 800 rubles on Amazon.


MobilePal Next-Generation Wireless Charging Power Bank combines wireless charging and Power Bank that is suitable for those who is in motion. The device is battery capacity of 10,000 mAh. Wireless here, only slow — 1A 5W.

Amazon sells MobilePal Next-Generation Wireless Charging Power Bank for 39,99 USD or 2300 roubles.


Choetech T511 Wireless Charger Pad, a small square and a thin panel. Its length is nine inches, the height of seven millimeters. There’s no support for fast charging, but it pays the module size and anti-skid surface on top, which will prevent the fall the iPhone.

Available in black and blue color, Choetech T511 Wireless Charger Pad for sale on Amazon for 14.99 USD or 900 rubles.


For those who want a charger in the form of a stand, but no plastic or silicone, Yolike Fast Wireless Charing Stand. Neat module, light wood supports fast charging power up to 10 watts.

Yolike Fast Wireless Charing Stand can be purchased at Amazon for 17.99 USD or 1000.

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